Surface Protection Films

Surface Protection Films

Pentaflex Films has developed its core competence in the field of surface protection films. Our films protects all types of surfaces in numerous indus- tries. As the name suggests, this film is used to protect surfaces from scratches during handling or at the time of transit. It is also called masking film.
  • With adhesive/glue
  • Without adhesive/glue
In adhesive type films, pressure sensitive adhesives are used. So it is also called PSA films.

The films are used to protect various surfaces like:

  • Color coated sheets.
  • Stainless steel sheets.
  • ACP panels.
  • Aluminum sheets.
  • PC/PVC/Acrylic sheets.
  • Decorative laminates.
  • Glazed tiles, marble etc.


  • Thickness : 25 to 100 microns
  • Width : 2500mm
  • Base material : Polyethylene
  • Paper core ID : 76mm
  • Color : Transparent, black/white or any required color
  • Printing : Two color printing available
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