Quality Control Equipment

We believe that Quality is not by chance but by choice. Hence we have established our Quality Control Department to check quality at all levels of production stages to supply best quality products to you. Our laboratory facilitates us with

Opacity Tester

To measure of the opacity of the film.

C.O.F. Tester

Static Friction, Dynamic Friction

Melt Flow Index Tester

Measurement of Polymer Viscosity

Universal Testing Machine

Tensile Strength, % Elongation, Bond Strength Testers

Dart Impact Tester

To measure Impact Strength

Density Tester

To measure density of polymers as well as
composite film

Reduce Reuse & Recycle

We have set internal targets with action plans to each of our environmental principles. We are focusing on reducing energy consumption usage of raw materials, pigments and printing inks, transportation packaging material, waste and emissions to air.
We reuse pallets and boxes, paper cores and production process waste. Our production leftovers are collected from our plants and delivered for sorting and carefully recycled. This gives us an opportunity to minimize amounts of virgin raw materials and internal waste as well as a possibility to offer recycled products to our customers.
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