Our facility is spread over 50000 sq ft of construction with an entire integrated system from manufacturing to printing to slitting, all carried out in an sealed and positive pressure environment which meets the International standards of hygiene. We are also in process our receiving BRC Certification which is a global standard for packaging industry.

Plant & Machinery

5 Layer POD Blown Film Plant

Five Layer Poly Olefin Dedicated (POD) fully atomized Blown film line from Gloucester Engineering Co Ltd, USA. Film production capacity is up to 400 ton per month with film width up to 2500 MM. Our films meet very high quality standards.

Advantage of 5 layer POD films over conventional three layer Films are:

  • Gives greater flexibility and opportunities in Film Design since more number of layers allow us to achieve desired properties in the film. As additional two layers structure allows specific functionalities, such as salability, optics and mechanicals
  • Gives good bending stiffness compared with three layer formulations
  • Better Thickness control across web width due to automatic thickness control.

8 color C.I. Flexo Printing Machine
web width 1300mm FROM BOBST(Formally Fischer & Krecke) from GERMANY
Print Width of 1250mm

C.I Flexo Technology is most ideal and internationally accepted to print thin polyethylene films, which directly come in Contact with the food product including milk.


  • C.I Flexo printing technology uses food grade inks and solvents, which are odor free. The solvent used is Ethyl Alcohol, which is 100% food grade & totally odorless. As a result, the film does not have any odor and assures odor free milk to the consumers.

Two Color Wide width Rotogravure Printing Machine

We also have facility to print two color rotogravure printing for width up to 2500mm. This facility caters market of wide width jobs like container- liners, wide width surface protection films etc.

High Speed Slitting Machine (Kalpvrux)

Speed: 500 mt/min
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