Agriculture Mulch Film

Agriculture Mulch Film

Pentaflex Films is a pioneer in Agri- culture Mulch Films. Mulching is the process of covering the soil/ground with film to make it more favorable for plant growth, development and efficient crop production.


1. Thickness 20 to 100 microns
2. Width Layflat tubing upto 2500mm
In sheet form upto 5000mm
3. Color Natural (transparent), black, Black X silver, or any photo selectivecolor
4. Service Life 6 months to 2 years depending upon the crop.

Advantages of Mulch Film

  • It prevents direct evaporation of moisture from soil thus limits the water loss and preserves moisture
  • Mulch can facilitate fertilizer placement and reduces the loss of plant nutrients through leaching.
  • Mulch provides a barrier to soil pathogens.
  • Opaque mulch prevents germination of annual weeds by blocking sunlight.
  • Synthetic mulch play a major role in soil solarisation process.
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